F for Feminism

Hello guys,today I bring to you a post around an idea that had been on my mind for quite sometime now. In collaboration with Print Octopus,a leading online brand which sells tee-shirts,phone cases,canvases and many more catering to your personality and choice. It allows you to voice out what you are looking for,and offers the same.


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Feminism is not a dirty word,it does not mean you hate men,it does not mean you hate girls,with nice legs and a warm tan,it means that you believe in equality.” – Kate Nash

Feminism has been a controversial subject,when people brought in incorrect definitions for labels they did not fully understand.Somewhere,along the line,being a feminist turned into being against men.

 Feminism is no radical movement,it is not only the demand for equality but the simple theory of women being able to embrace who they are and what they want to do. If a woman wants to be a stay at home mother,or the CEO of a major corporation,she should be able to do either without any inhibitions.

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Being a feminist to me is to respect women just as I respect men. Feminism is all about breaking barrier and paradigms,simplifying what the society thinks.

Fashion and Feminism:  

‘We should be all feminists’ t-shirts by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer 2017,though a publicity gimmick for many,were an immediate social media success,and ever since has been worn by stars like Natalie Portman and Rihanna.



femiii Jonathan Simkhai gifted attendees to his show with “Feminist AF” shirts, and Prabal Gurung, debuted T-shirt with messages including “The Future Is Female” and “Nevertheless She Persisted.” I believe that all this is no wrong, since fashion is a powerful way to explain things about yourself and sending out a message in the most non-offensive manner.

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Outfit Details:

Top- Print Octopus


Shoes- Westside


Watch- Instagram Store


For any collaborations,event invites or other queries,reach out to me at asmitatheposhedition@gmail.com





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