GIRF 2017: Barcelos

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I too decided to avail the offer and visited Barcelos.

After its first branch in 1993 in Pretoria, South Africa,it has been no looking bank for them. They recently joined the list of food hubs in Kolkata after their first venture in the national capital.




The ambience is beautifully done and cosy. The theme of Portugal is reflected through out the interior,for every wall tells a story being  adorned with oil paintings and small artifacts.

The spot just in front of the large glass window  provides you just enough lighting if you want to go all out for photography,like I did.

There are four varieties of Peri Peri sauce,supa peri,veri peri,mild peri and tangy lemon.


For starters we ordered for the Fish Kebabs and a Fries/Potato Wedges Platter with three dips.


For drinks,we got the Electric Blue Flue Fizz,which was mouth tingling surprised with the elements of ginger,lime,sprite and soda.




The fish kebabs were succulent and light on the palate,a perfect start to a meal and does not make you feel full right from the start. The potato wedges were a lovely delight due to their crispness instead of the quintessential soggy ones.

For main course we choose the Chicken Catapalanta with yoghurt dip,Grilled Salmon with green rice.



The chicken was served on a bed of spicy rice, herbs and smoked bell peppers of vibrant colours,the yoghurt dip was fresh.192017172819


For desert, we went for the Chocolate Fondant with vanilla ice-cream. It could be literally defined as a piece of heaven.

Overall it was a great experience,I would love to visit Barcelos for a second time.Hope you guys liked today’s post.