Being Bewakoof-Part 2

Hello,lovelies. My today’s post is going to be about the second part in my collaboration with the wonderful Bewakoof Official,a really simple and fun College/Back-to-School outfit.


Of all the colours in the rainbow,yellow is definitely not the most  to look at. It is tricky to wear,if gone wrong it can make you look trashy.


Keeping all that aside,yellow has been doing pretty well as a fall colour.


My new found love for bright yellow,no not the ochres,golden or lemon,can be seen through the look I have created with the tee from


I have been associating yellow with happiness and warmth,it is proven that just looking at the colour can improve your mood.


The bold letting saying ‘BRAT’ is a quirky twist,I just wore a pair of normal cut jeans along. As it is fall,I love to have a denim vest with me,denim vests have come a long way in style and the we style them,they are no longer synonymous with cowboy boots and country music,and and have turned up as versatile as their sister longer armed denim jackets.


They are a great cover up addition to any closet,for this transition from fall to winter.

Outfit Details:

Yellow T-shirt- Bewakoof Official

Denim Vest- Westside

Jeans- BARE Denim

Sneakers- Westside

Hope you like this post,for any more queries,shoot me an email at