Thinkfrill- Subscription Box Review

Hey lovelies ♡ My today’s post is going to be about a subscription box specially  curated by Thinkfrill (you can visit their website- to take care of women during that time of their month.


They were kind to send me the Duchess Coffer  to review.Contents:

1. Kronokare Lavender Lotion (Rs 115)- Kronokare is a brand,I have heard a lot about and they did not fail to rise up to my expectations. This is my favourite from the whole of this box,smells like fresh lavender picked from the gardens..absolutely divine. It’s no less in the aspect of moisturising,keeps your skin supple and soft and making it the right amount of oily,just perfect for the hot and humid Kolkata weather. Skin care is an aspect whose important has been found to be ignored by the majority of girls (including me),and seeing this bottle of lotion on the vanity table becomes an instant reminder to take better care  of my skin.

2. Tempo Sanitizer- Maintaining a high level of hygiene is essential  when you are on your period. A sanitizer is the easiest way to guard yourself from germs and keep those infections at bay. I love how small the sanitizer is, because that enables me to keep it in my purse or school bag at all times, just in case I need it.

3. Typhoo Tea- Need something to beat those cramps? Tea to the rescue. Though it’s good to know which type of tea,the tea grown from plants such as black and oolong are high in their caffeine content which can aggravate the situation but tea brewed from herbs,being caffeine free helps your PMS with its blend of antioxidants.

Typhoon has got the classic as well as two great flavours to choose from.

4. Jolly Rancher Lollipops- We all have experience sudden sugar cravings,and eating that big piece of chocolate cake isn’t the best way to get the craving done with. These fruity lollipops in Watermelon and Green Apple,will only satisfy your need for something sweet instead of getting you high on calories which would result in nothing but more of a strict diet plan after your cycle gets over.




5.Coupons- These vouchers and coupons for getting discounts and free stuff at leading outlets and online (in case you want no one to see you devouring a whole medium or even family sized box of pizza with an extra cheese topping all by yourself.) of your favourite Pizza Hut, McDonald’s  and Dominos are the icing on the extravaganza.



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