Get Comfortable

Hey friends,hope you are having a great day.

To be honest,you and me too would rather sit around in the house and do nothing  rather than go out in something uncomfortable. The good news is that fashion has come a pretty long way in that aspect. Not only are there more options but loose and comfy clothes are in trend. We are living in the golden age of comfy dressing ♡ The two things which you have got to keep in your mind while doing this are- stick to a neutral colour palette,there’s no need to get overboard on colours(and look like the rainbow cake you ate yesterday.) and avoid embellishments such as beads,sequins and tacky buttons at all costs cause that gonna make you go from comfy to sloppy in a jiffy.



My today’s post in collaboration with the Demoza Stores,is just the lazy girl’s perfect attire.





I am wearing a cream and black coloured top along with a pair of black ankle length leggings, I could literally have  gone to bed wearing this look.You have to believe me when I say that they are comfier than my pajamas.




I love leggings  as much as anyone,they are wonderful in so many ways including their ability  to blend style and comfort  in one clothing item. Leggings are flattering for every figure and undoubtedly  the most versatile piece of clothing to work around with. The tips,I would give for wearing leggings are- Sheerness:before you buy leggings,slightly stretch them to see how sheer are they. Do not wear sheer leggings as trouser as that can give more of a an impression that they are tights instead of leggings. Leggings can look unclassy with the wrong footwear,I  prefer flats and boots over heels when wearing leggings. And lastly leggings look the best with slightly longer tops,which provides more depth and supports the concept of layering.




Next,is accessorising,a highly creative process and maybe even some form of art and not a pointless,boring process that gives you headaches. Plain clothes when accessorized right,can be made to look stunning,just like I have done by wearing this necklace from Westside.

Ah,jewellery. . It is amazing  what you can do with a single eye catching set. I have been a big fan of this new theory of choosing clothes that are much more on the casual side and then over compensating the look with jewellery.



I hope you liked this post,I know it’s shorter and less informative than most days but I just wanted to get this blog up!

Top and Leggings from- Demoza Stores

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