Easy Breezy Summers

Hey lovelies,today’s  blog is my second post in collaboration with the wonderful Calcutta based homemade accessory brand Crochita.com They sent me over this lovely dainty velvet blue choker,and I styled it for you guys in the perfect summer way.
They are not actually shorts ,they are not pants either. Culottes are something in between. Believe it or not,the term’s been around since the late Middle Ages and the originals culottes were worn by men first. From kings to military personnel and first few presidents of the United States,men wore trouser that hit below the knee.
Taking a look at them,they might seem pretty awkward to wear cause of their shining length and wide leg silhouette. But let me get this straight,culottes are in no way the scary fashion risk they are made out to be,with time and again they have been proclaimed more of a staple than a fad.
 We saw a lot of them in 2016,but they are still the ‘it’ pants of this upcoming season. They are my personal new found bottom favorites,with the sleek,office friendly cut,breezy and roomy fit,they are slowly making their way into the mainstream and beyond.
It’s hot and loose fitting clothes over tight fitted jeans and crop top any day in this sweaty and sweltering  weather.
How to Style Culottes 

1.Just treat them as a midi skirt and you would notice they boast of the same versatility and work with several of the pieces you own.

2.The most important element of wearing a culotte without looking too intentionally dressy and retro is the right footwear.
3.You may find the crop of the culotte unflattering on your body type,just go out there and experiment with different lengths. If the typical calf length culottes isn’t your type,try a super short one that shows off the leg and hits above the knee.
Culottes may remind you of PJ pants,thanks to them being over sized and often made of soft and casual fabrics,the concerns is that it just looks sloppy. A few dressy details can make culottes look like anything but pajamas. From the fabric to color,like crossover panels and prints that makes them look polished.
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset






I have paired up a navy blue pleated culotte with a printed blouse having various tints of blue,and chosen to go bold with eye makeup with a strong stroke of turquoise blue liner,finishing it off with orange on the lips.

Outfit Details

Top- Ginger by Lifestyle

Choker- Crochita.com

Culottes- Nuon by Westside

Shoes- Head over Heels by Westside


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