The Bohemian Souk

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The other day,I visited The Bohemian Souk by Midnight Prink,and I must say it was one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen. Unlike the usual monotonous environment associated with fashion exhibitions,where there is an adrenaline in the air and everyone’s rushing to grab products oblivious to their surroundings. At the Bohemian Souk,a well balanced shopping experience awaited you.



OOTD  at the event

There wasn’t one moment,I did not spend to awe at the splendid decor,giving out the bohemian vibes.Krishna Niwas was lit up with fairy lights,every nook and corner presented something new in terms of decoration,which was a treat for us bloggers who simply cannot miss out on a beautiful location.




 When you felt you need to charge up after an extensive round of shopping, there were plenty stalls to sip and bite at. The Wokaholic would be the perfect option,if noodles and momos are your thing. To shield yourself from the scorching sun,cocktail popsicles by the Tea Trove,juices and coolers by The Yellow Straw and ice cream rolls by Frollz were to the rescue.


In simple words,the Bohemian Souk was a shopper’s paradise,with top designers from Lakme Fashion Week joining the already star studded line up of brands,from throughout India.

Kudos to Preeti Vidyasaria and Shivika Vidyasaria for organising this great event.

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Spring On My Mind

Hey guys,today I have collaborated with Karleo Fashion,to bring you this spring-summer fashion post.
I fell in love with the headband (you can see in the picture above) the moment,I saw it. To be honest,since the days of Gossip Girl,Blair Waldorf put the ‘headband’ into the mainstream. It’s no more reserved for the gym or putting the hair out of your face while washing up or doing your makeup.
Headbands accentuate your face,and they come in so many variations like the one from Karleo with flower rhinestones of a red hue.
When the cold shoulder trend evolved for summer,we got the birth of the off shoulder. Strapless looks that slipped off our arms or tied right at out bicep made plenty of our wardrobes. The flouncy,frilly tops,dresses,jumpers have  all incorporated this trend.
The best part about them is that they are  subtly sexy but never too revealing,with showing just a silver of the skin without screaming the ‘I am trying too hard’ tag.
It’s  a style that flatters a wide range of body types,a bright contrast to the recent  rage such as crop tops and culottes. It transitions from AM to PM effortlessly,with a feminine demanour. You can’t say no to a off shoulder whether it’s an afternoon brunch or a nightclub party.It let’s you show off a major jewellery trend which are chokers. Just as I have done,teaming up a simple bohemian,easy to work with off shoulder top with a statement choker.
Outfit Details-
Top- Chemistry India
Headband – Karleo Fashion
Choker- New Market
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Brand of the Month-March-Island Kiss

Hello,lovelies. I have decided to do a fun  monthly segment on my blog known as the ‘Brand of The Month’ and the first brand to be featured is Island Kiss that combines Organic and Sassy to deliver something awesome ,based out of Goa.

They have launched three lip balms, I couldn’t have waited to try them out and they have risen up to my expectations well.

Price- Rs 399 for Alma Vanilla and Inges Lavender

Rs 399 for Cherry Blossom Flores

Rs 499 for Puerto Berry Blush


Packaging-The packaging is colourful,the design on the tube corresponds to the flavour of the lip balm ,it reminds me a lot of theBalm graphics. I like how it comes with a slanted tip applicator,you don’t need to dip your hand inside to apply the product on your lips unlike the usual tub/pot tints.

Colour & Scent- 

All of them smell quite yummy. 

The Puerto Berry Blush blush has a fresh citrusy fragrance while Alma Vanilla and Inges Lavender is much like it’s own name,of a strong infused scent of lavender and vanilla.  Cherry Blossom Flores is the mildest among the three with a scent too common in the lip balm world.

When it comes to the colour game,Puerto Berry Blush steals the show with a richly red,rasberry shade ,the pigmentation is great  and lasts a solid 3 hours without drying your lips. It even leaves a perfect light hue after a meal.

Alma Vanilla has a lavender tint which on application appears to be clear and the Cherry Blossom Flores variant has a pretty pastel pink shade,which becomes milky on application.

Alma Vanilla and Cherry Blossom are more of the balms,you wear for true nourishment,we desperately need stuff like these too as currently there are too many products only for the vibrancy show in the market.
Texture-Tropical Avocado,Mango Butter,organic beeswax…the ingredient list could not get any better. 

It adds a healthy shine and has a pretty good consistency,but being oil based(macadamia nut,carrot seed,vitamin E and rasberry seed to be precise.),you wouldn’t want to put it on before your lipstick unless they are the liquid matte variants.

If you manage to lick the balm off,no worries cause instead of the chemical laden and bitter taste,a sweet suprise would await as there is Stevia ( the natural sweetener) present. collection In addition of all of this,there’s even SPF 15 to protect my lips from the harsh sun rays.

These must be the most nourishing lippie in my collection.

My undoubted favourite is Puerto Berry Blush as it is the one,I can use the most on a daily basis in place of a gloss or lipstick.
Just simply go for these,and get yourself Island Kissed ♡
*This is a sponsored post but all opinions and review are of my own.