Touch the Tropics

Hello lovelies,today I bring to you a summer style post. It’s summer time and the heat is killing us all,but when it comes to us bloggers,there are endless shoots and events that are planned out for the whole day. A statement top and jeans is perfect for an afternoon bloggers  meet.
A tropical print doesn’t require jetting you off to a distant island near the sea or touring the world though it would be an added bonus if you managed to do that.
We all know majority of hours of our this time of the year is spent shivering under air conditioned ice cubes but why let out resort wear go to waste all summer. When it can be put to good use,at a party,a picnic,college or even your very own work place. Just be wise in choosing the specific pattern.
All it needs is the way you incorporate it into a stylish outfit. This trend dates back to the 40s and 50s when people started travelling more,began to  adopt cultures and fashions.IMG_1875
I don’t know what’s it about tropical prints,the bright summery colours,the pretty florals,the palm tree graphics or the instant-getaway feel that it evokes but there’s something about this seasonal pattern that screams fun,relaxed and total chic.
Lush,leafy motifs may epitomise island oasis, they aren’t only reserved for bikinis and sun dresses.
No matter what’s the weather outside,you can get into a sunny mood with juxtapositions of tropical prints. Whether you have got your heart on palm trees, tri colour of parrots or explosions of hibiscus,there is a pattern out there that can transport you into the sun lounger mood.  Go join in,the tropical party.
Outfit Details:
Top- Lifestyle Stores
Jeans- ONLY India
Shoes- Westside Stores
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