F for Feminism

Hello guys,today I bring to you a post around an idea that had been on my mind for quite sometime now. In collaboration with Print Octopus,a leading online brand which sells tee-shirts,phone cases,canvases and many more catering to your personality and choice. It allows you to voice out what you are looking for,and offers the same.


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Feminism is not a dirty word,it does not mean you hate men,it does not mean you hate girls,with nice legs and a warm tan,it means that you believe in equality.” – Kate Nash

Feminism has been a controversial subject,when people brought in incorrect definitions for labels they did not fully understand.Somewhere,along the line,being a feminist turned into being against men.

 Feminism is no radical movement,it is not only the demand for equality but the simple theory of women being able to embrace who they are and what they want to do. If a woman wants to be a stay at home mother,or the CEO of a major corporation,she should be able to do either without any inhibitions.

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Being a feminist to me is to respect women just as I respect men. Feminism is all about breaking barrier and paradigms,simplifying what the society thinks.

Fashion and Feminism:  

‘We should be all feminists’ t-shirts by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer 2017,though a publicity gimmick for many,were an immediate social media success,and ever since has been worn by stars like Natalie Portman and Rihanna.



femiii Jonathan Simkhai gifted attendees to his show with “Feminist AF” shirts, and Prabal Gurung, debuted T-shirt with messages including “The Future Is Female” and “Nevertheless She Persisted.” I believe that all this is no wrong, since fashion is a powerful way to explain things about yourself and sending out a message in the most non-offensive manner.

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Outfit Details:

Top- Print Octopus


Shoes- Westside


Watch- Instagram Store


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Easy Breezy Summers

Hey lovelies,today’s  blog is my second post in collaboration with the wonderful Calcutta based homemade accessory brand Crochita.com They sent me over this lovely dainty velvet blue choker,and I styled it for you guys in the perfect summer way.
They are not actually shorts ,they are not pants either. Culottes are something in between. Believe it or not,the term’s been around since the late Middle Ages and the originals culottes were worn by men first. From kings to military personnel and first few presidents of the United States,men wore trouser that hit below the knee.
Taking a look at them,they might seem pretty awkward to wear cause of their shining length and wide leg silhouette. But let me get this straight,culottes are in no way the scary fashion risk they are made out to be,with time and again they have been proclaimed more of a staple than a fad.
 We saw a lot of them in 2016,but they are still the ‘it’ pants of this upcoming season. They are my personal new found bottom favorites,with the sleek,office friendly cut,breezy and roomy fit,they are slowly making their way into the mainstream and beyond.
It’s hot and loose fitting clothes over tight fitted jeans and crop top any day in this sweaty and sweltering  weather.
How to Style Culottes 

1.Just treat them as a midi skirt and you would notice they boast of the same versatility and work with several of the pieces you own.

2.The most important element of wearing a culotte without looking too intentionally dressy and retro is the right footwear.
3.You may find the crop of the culotte unflattering on your body type,just go out there and experiment with different lengths. If the typical calf length culottes isn’t your type,try a super short one that shows off the leg and hits above the knee.
Culottes may remind you of PJ pants,thanks to them being over sized and often made of soft and casual fabrics,the concerns is that it just looks sloppy. A few dressy details can make culottes look like anything but pajamas. From the fabric to color,like crossover panels and prints that makes them look polished.
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I have paired up a navy blue pleated culotte with a printed blouse having various tints of blue,and chosen to go bold with eye makeup with a strong stroke of turquoise blue liner,finishing it off with orange on the lips.

Outfit Details

Top- Ginger by Lifestyle

Choker- Crochita.com

Culottes- Nuon by Westside

Shoes- Head over Heels by Westside


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The Little Black Affair

“One is never overdressed or under dressed with a Little Black Dress” – Karl Lagerfeld



Hello guys,today my post is going to be about a wardrobe staple or rather a fashion icon in its own,the Little Black Dress which made its first appearance long back in 1926,popularised by Coco Chanel in a Vogue Magazine Issue which claimed the LBD would be ‘an uniform for women of all sorts’.


Audrey Hepburn later proving that,sported a Givenchy dress in the ever famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Black is a colour that has always been termed as classy. It’s nothing extravagant but it never falls short of making a statement.  You can dress the LBD down or up.

IMG_2861File_000Team it up with a jeans jacket and some ankle length  boots and you are good to go for the day. Add some diamond earrings and elegant block heels,and rock the night scene.


Long sleeves,short sleeves,no sleeves,round,a line or pointed. Whichever is your cup of tea,you are bound to find one that calls to you with so many options out there.


The perfect LBD for your body shape and size. I have opted for a simple fit and flare little black dress.

I feel wonderful to have collaborated with Crochita India,a fast growing Calcutta based accessory hub for this.

‘Passion for me is the driving which makes me love what I do’ is crochet fashion  and accessory designing for Joyita Dey,the owner of Crochita.com.

The fashion industry was never that easy but there was no giving up for Joyita,a self taught jewellery designer. She was inspired by the unmistakable fact that a garment is always incomplete without it’s  accessories. Joyita was fascinating with accessories since childhood and often was the one wearing the most in a room.  She had a fetish of collecting jewellery.

To know more about the story behind Crochita.com,stay tuned for my other blogs.



The 90s choker trend is the one we are really embracing. If you want to know more about it check the blog-


Though there’s been one addition to this family- the statement lace which can make any plain outfit go through an amazing transformation.

Outfit details-

LBD- Ginger by Lifestyle

Bag- Accessorize London

Choker- Crochita India

Touch the Tropics

Hello lovelies,today I bring to you a summer style post. It’s summer time and the heat is killing us all,but when it comes to us bloggers,there are endless shoots and events that are planned out for the whole day. A statement top and jeans is perfect for an afternoon bloggers  meet.
A tropical print doesn’t require jetting you off to a distant island near the sea or touring the world though it would be an added bonus if you managed to do that.
We all know majority of hours of our this time of the year is spent shivering under air conditioned ice cubes but why let out resort wear go to waste all summer. When it can be put to good use,at a party,a picnic,college or even your very own work place. Just be wise in choosing the specific pattern.
All it needs is the way you incorporate it into a stylish outfit. This trend dates back to the 40s and 50s when people started travelling more,began to  adopt cultures and fashions.IMG_1875
I don’t know what’s it about tropical prints,the bright summery colours,the pretty florals,the palm tree graphics or the instant-getaway feel that it evokes but there’s something about this seasonal pattern that screams fun,relaxed and total chic.
Lush,leafy motifs may epitomise island oasis, they aren’t only reserved for bikinis and sun dresses.
No matter what’s the weather outside,you can get into a sunny mood with juxtapositions of tropical prints. Whether you have got your heart on palm trees, tri colour of parrots or explosions of hibiscus,there is a pattern out there that can transport you into the sun lounger mood.  Go join in,the tropical party.
Outfit Details:
Top- Lifestyle Stores
Jeans- ONLY India
Shoes- Westside Stores
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Sneha Rateria New Collection Launch

Hello everyone,a few days back I got to attend the Sneha Rateria Bloggers Meet and Greet at Aqua,The Park. All thanks to Nikita(pentwister) for inviting me.
Prettiest Ring
There she unveiled her new collection,and engaged in an interactive session  with all us bloggers,answering all the questions and possible queries we had for her and her brand.
It was lovely to know despite having no professional background of jewellery designing,Sneha has evoked a trend in costume jewellery which looks real,much needed for destination  weddings and avid travellers as travelling with real jewellery turns out to be a great hassle.
Sneha having a knack for finance,handles the financial technicalities while her mother is a vital helping hand to the designing aspect.
Trying out an earring
A bird cage brooch
Though the larger part of her customer base lies in the South of India comprising of Chennai,Bangalore and Pondicherry but she chooses to stick to where her karigars belong,here in Calcutta.
Sooner or later,Sneha plans to branch out to making all real jewellery.
It was difficult to anticipate what all they had in store for us bloggers in those two hours,they definitely surprised us with the DIY jewellery making  where we were presented with a kit containing a wax mold,and a tweezer.
There was an assortment of beautiful  beads and stones to choose from,all we had to do was place them on the mold and they would stick to it. Some of us made necklaces,pendants,a few decided on doing earrings,and I made a bracelet. They definitely turned out better than expected.
The best part was the one with the most unique design according to Sneha, would be added to their collection under their own name.
They all had the most adorable way to make us feel special,by offering us chocolate  cupcakes with our names on them ♡
It was amazing to meet Sneha,and to he able to have a look at the display of her exquisite pieces. Each one of them caught my eye,who wouldn’t be tempted to get their hands on them? Check them out on Facebook and Instagram- @Sneha Rateria
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Wardrobe Dreams

Hey guys,today I bring you the much awaited and one of my personal favourites in collaboration with India’s number one fashion portal Stalkbuylove.  Since the time,I started shopping on the Internet,Stalkbuylove has been my one stop en vogue  destination. It’s a brand which keep you up to date with the latest trends without you having to flip through otherwise boring fashion magazines.
Remember the time your mother dressed you up in matchy matchy sets,in the most dorky prints?Yes,you didn’t like them,and made a vow to never be seen in something of that sort when you are old enough to choose clothes for your own self but today co-ordinates are your go to ensemble,for their versatility.
Co-ords have definitely come a long way,with that being said they are great to incorporate into looks separately as well.
Co-ords are more functional than a jumpsuit and little less dressy than a LBD,just perfect for most occasions. Crop tops and fitted trousers,a corset style shirt with a skirt,they all classify as the basics of co-ordinates but the look I have created today,contains a co-ord too.
This season,it’s all about East meets the west. Inspiration from Bollywood movies to tribal style is all behind the recent craze for hair jewellery.
It was great when The Hair Drama Co,sent me a head chain. Check out their website and their page on Instagram,and I am pretty sure you would want to get your hands on everything on there.
Head chains are one of the easiest pieces to wear,just part your hair straight down the middle and that’s it.
They aren’t any more restricted to bridal parties or events for which you have to get heavily decked up. It’s becoming a part of the everyday casual style. I love wearing them to music festival and concerts!
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The Bohemian Souk

Hey guys!



The other day,I visited The Bohemian Souk by Midnight Prink,and I must say it was one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen. Unlike the usual monotonous environment associated with fashion exhibitions,where there is an adrenaline in the air and everyone’s rushing to grab products oblivious to their surroundings. At the Bohemian Souk,a well balanced shopping experience awaited you.



OOTD  at the event

There wasn’t one moment,I did not spend to awe at the splendid decor,giving out the bohemian vibes.Krishna Niwas was lit up with fairy lights,every nook and corner presented something new in terms of decoration,which was a treat for us bloggers who simply cannot miss out on a beautiful location.




 When you felt you need to charge up after an extensive round of shopping, there were plenty stalls to sip and bite at. The Wokaholic would be the perfect option,if noodles and momos are your thing. To shield yourself from the scorching sun,cocktail popsicles by the Tea Trove,juices and coolers by The Yellow Straw and ice cream rolls by Frollz were to the rescue.


In simple words,the Bohemian Souk was a shopper’s paradise,with top designers from Lakme Fashion Week joining the already star studded line up of brands,from throughout India.

Kudos to Preeti Vidyasaria and Shivika Vidyasaria for organising this great event.

Thank you guys for staying till the end of this post.