Go For Red

“When in doubt,wear red.” – Bill Blass

Red as you may already know,is having a moment,certainly there is no need for the holiday season to have red in the limelight. Red is a colour that can make you look the right amount of  intimidating,even  when present within highlights in your ensemble. It’s so bold yet classic that you can think of it like you would a black dress. I believe Red should deserve a place among all the neutrals. A women’s wardrobe is incomplete without red,black and white.



Wondering where my t-shirt’s from? Style Address it is,your one stop destination for all things cool. My t-shirt says ‘I am not a Princess. I am a Khaleesi’,Game of Thrones watchers/fans would get this quote.That’s what ,slogan tees are – an awesome yet sneaky  way to make powerful statements, letting people know how you feel about television shows,books and of course life in general without saying a word. The best part about slogan t-shirts are that they aren’t a trend which is gonna go out of style tomorrow,it is more of a lifestyle choice that stays with you thick and thin.


History always tends to repeat itself in the beauty and fashion world.  The resurgence of the 90’s has brought back with itself,chokers.  Be it Kendal Jenner,the next door girl or your favourite fashion blogger all are sporting the choker. I love how it’s delicate,different and give the edgy (think- rockstar vibe) to even the simplest of looks.


The three type of chokers you must all own-

1. Wire Chokers


2. Lace Chokers- They add the sophisticated and elegant touch,along with a sprinkle of feminity.


3. Velvet  Chokers – They are simply chic. You can never go wrong wearing velvet.



I have been wanting to get a choker for so long now,Shop Del was kind enough to send me a choker set,consisting of a wired choker,bracelet and a wired ring.

Hope you liked this post 🙂 I know it was kinda all over the place.