Give A Cold Shoulder

Calling out to all the confused ladies out there,on the rather new cold shoulder trend. 2016 was the year of the off shoulder. 2017 seems to be the time when we adopt the style of Cold Shoulder. Today I bring you my very own take on this with a post in collaboration with my new favorite fashion stop, SmartyPants.



Difference Between:

A cold shoulder top is a top that just exposes your shoulders,and usually has a strap beside the neck. While an off shoulder top is the one that has straps that fall on your arm,i.e the straps are literally off the shoulder. Both styles are incorporated into jumpsuits,dresses,shirts and give a flirty,fun and bohemian touch to your look.




Why You Should Go for Cold Shoulder


Whether it is the flash of the waist, a hint of the shoulder, or a cut-out at the elbow. This the season for subtle flaunting. This trend offers an opportunity to expose your favorite body part. Moreover, with warmer weather approaching approaches, a little extra ventilation is more than welcome. The cold-shoulder-look is a great way for revealing some skin without showing too much.

It is a universally appropriate trend,flattering on all body types and is embraced by all for being equally feminine. You don’t have to be young to wear a cold shoulder,you can sport it in your 50s or 60s,and still be looking absolutely rad.

_MG_2661 (2)

This dress also boasts of an underrated trend alongside the mainstream, that of ‘proper’ pockets. I say ‘proper’ as the fake or the tiny useless ones are found in abundance. A heavy stitching is done on the sides,to give the look of a pocket,where no pocket actually exists.The lack of real pockets on women’s clothing is frustrating and there is little on the High Street scene that is being done to minimize it.

Designers are of the mindset that pockets are not a necessity,and by doing this they hinder the functionality of women’s clothes,holding back women at a large scale. There are several instances in my day to day life,where pockets can prove to be extremely handy in clothes especially when I need my hands to be free. Conventionally,we as women are supposed to be carrying a purse,but there is no way we can succeed at doing that 24×7,when we work. That is where the pockets fit in.



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