Go For Red

“When in doubt,wear red.” – Bill Blass

Red as you may already know,is having a moment,certainly there is no need for the holiday season to have red in the limelight. Red is a colour that can make you look the right amount of  intimidating,even  when present within highlights in your ensemble. It’s so bold yet classic that you can think of it like you would a black dress. I believe Red should deserve a place among all the neutrals. A women’s wardrobe is incomplete without red,black and white.



Wondering where my t-shirt’s from? Style Address it is,your one stop destination for all things cool. My t-shirt says ‘I am not a Princess. I am a Khaleesi’,Game of Thrones watchers/fans would get this quote.That’s what ,slogan tees are – an awesome yet sneaky  way to make powerful statements, letting people know how you feel about television shows,books and of course life in general without saying a word. The best part about slogan t-shirts are that they aren’t a trend which is gonna go out of style tomorrow,it is more of a lifestyle choice that stays with you thick and thin.


History always tends to repeat itself in the beauty and fashion world.  The resurgence of the 90’s has brought back with itself,chokers.  Be it Kendal Jenner,the next door girl or your favourite fashion blogger all are sporting the choker. I love how it’s delicate,different and give the edgy (think- rockstar vibe) to even the simplest of looks.


The three type of chokers you must all own-

1. Wire Chokers


2. Lace Chokers- They add the sophisticated and elegant touch,along with a sprinkle of feminity.


3. Velvet  Chokers – They are simply chic. You can never go wrong wearing velvet.



I have been wanting to get a choker for so long now,Shop Del was kind enough to send me a choker set,consisting of a wired choker,bracelet and a wired ring.

Hope you liked this post 🙂 I know it was kinda all over the place.

Thinkfrill- Subscription Box Review

Hey lovelies ♡ My today’s post is going to be about a subscription box specially  curated by Thinkfrill (you can visit their website- to take care of women during that time of their month.


They were kind to send me the Duchess Coffer  to review.Contents:

1. Kronokare Lavender Lotion (Rs 115)- Kronokare is a brand,I have heard a lot about and they did not fail to rise up to my expectations. This is my favourite from the whole of this box,smells like fresh lavender picked from the gardens..absolutely divine. It’s no less in the aspect of moisturising,keeps your skin supple and soft and making it the right amount of oily,just perfect for the hot and humid Kolkata weather. Skin care is an aspect whose important has been found to be ignored by the majority of girls (including me),and seeing this bottle of lotion on the vanity table becomes an instant reminder to take better care  of my skin.

2. Tempo Sanitizer- Maintaining a high level of hygiene is essential  when you are on your period. A sanitizer is the easiest way to guard yourself from germs and keep those infections at bay. I love how small the sanitizer is, because that enables me to keep it in my purse or school bag at all times, just in case I need it.

3. Typhoo Tea- Need something to beat those cramps? Tea to the rescue. Though it’s good to know which type of tea,the tea grown from plants such as black and oolong are high in their caffeine content which can aggravate the situation but tea brewed from herbs,being caffeine free helps your PMS with its blend of antioxidants.

Typhoon has got the classic as well as two great flavours to choose from.

4. Jolly Rancher Lollipops- We all have experience sudden sugar cravings,and eating that big piece of chocolate cake isn’t the best way to get the craving done with. These fruity lollipops in Watermelon and Green Apple,will only satisfy your need for something sweet instead of getting you high on calories which would result in nothing but more of a strict diet plan after your cycle gets over.




5.Coupons- These vouchers and coupons for getting discounts and free stuff at leading outlets and online (in case you want no one to see you devouring a whole medium or even family sized box of pizza with an extra cheese topping all by yourself.) of your favourite Pizza Hut, McDonald’s  and Dominos are the icing on the extravaganza.



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Get Comfortable

Hey friends,hope you are having a great day.

To be honest,you and me too would rather sit around in the house and do nothing  rather than go out in something uncomfortable. The good news is that fashion has come a pretty long way in that aspect. Not only are there more options but loose and comfy clothes are in trend. We are living in the golden age of comfy dressing ♡ The two things which you have got to keep in your mind while doing this are- stick to a neutral colour palette,there’s no need to get overboard on colours(and look like the rainbow cake you ate yesterday.) and avoid embellishments such as beads,sequins and tacky buttons at all costs cause that gonna make you go from comfy to sloppy in a jiffy.



My today’s post in collaboration with the Demoza Stores,is just the lazy girl’s perfect attire.





I am wearing a cream and black coloured top along with a pair of black ankle length leggings, I could literally have  gone to bed wearing this look.You have to believe me when I say that they are comfier than my pajamas.




I love leggings  as much as anyone,they are wonderful in so many ways including their ability  to blend style and comfort  in one clothing item. Leggings are flattering for every figure and undoubtedly  the most versatile piece of clothing to work around with. The tips,I would give for wearing leggings are- Sheerness:before you buy leggings,slightly stretch them to see how sheer are they. Do not wear sheer leggings as trouser as that can give more of a an impression that they are tights instead of leggings. Leggings can look unclassy with the wrong footwear,I  prefer flats and boots over heels when wearing leggings. And lastly leggings look the best with slightly longer tops,which provides more depth and supports the concept of layering.




Next,is accessorising,a highly creative process and maybe even some form of art and not a pointless,boring process that gives you headaches. Plain clothes when accessorized right,can be made to look stunning,just like I have done by wearing this necklace from Westside.

Ah,jewellery. . It is amazing  what you can do with a single eye catching set. I have been a big fan of this new theory of choosing clothes that are much more on the casual side and then over compensating the look with jewellery.



I hope you liked this post,I know it’s shorter and less informative than most days but I just wanted to get this blog up!

Top and Leggings from- Demoza Stores

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Renting It Right ft.LibeRent

Hello lovelies,hope you all are having a great weekend!

My today’s post is in collaboration with Liberent,a clothing rental website who are taking the online fashion business to a whole new level. We all have those times when there’s this desperate need of some new clothing pieces to flaunt off at university or  at work place or there’s this party coming up,but the money matters seems take a toll on our fixed budget pockets. This is when LibeRent comes into the scenario with their extremely easy rental solutions at equivalently awesome yet surprisingly affordable prices. For me,the best part about the whole thing is that one does not need to go through the hassles of returning the item by courier instead LibeRent offers simple pick and drop services to and from your doorstep.

image1 (11)


From their lovely collection,I have chosen this classic denim shirt dress,with which I fell in love right the first moment I had seen it.

image2 (5)

image3 (3)


image1 (9)So what is a shirt dress? It’s basically a oversized shirt but long enough to classify itself as a dress,perfect for the warmer days of summer and monsoon. Shirtdresses are casual and versatile. You can just throw a shirt dress on but still give out those good effort and considerable time spent on putting the look together vibes. My favorite way to wear a shirt dress is with a thin belt clinched at the waist(if you are more into the thick belt look,you can stack several thin belts together) along with some comfortable sneakers. 

image2 (7)

Not too long ago,rubber soled kicks were the most probable shoe option for marathoners but today wearing sneakers even with a feminine dresses,skirts and even LBD’s are making a statement,you earn major style points for thinking outside the box as well as keep your feet blister free.



The popularity of side braid hairstyle is going from  strength to strength,and that’s no surprise as everyone is coming up with new and imaginative twists on the look. I am sporting the most basic and primitive form of it,as the ongoing season is not really the best time to keep your hair down. 

image3 (4)

For accessories,I have just worn a few rings to keep it minimal.


image2 (6)
B-T-S: While posing,when my eyes close :3

Outfit Details: Shirt dress- LibeRent

Shoes- Westside

Rings and Hair Accessory- Forever New

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A Timeless Gift:Scotch Whiskey Collection

A timeless gift is the one,of which you remember on random unexpected occasions.

Gifting Men has been a dilemma that never quite faded. The quintessential cologne,shirts and D.I.Y mugs are no more the first preferred options. It’s been well over time that we open our eyes to the gifting solution with an exquisite personal touch. Any guesses? Yes Scotch,it is.United Spirits,has spoilt whisky conieussurs for choice,with the unveiling of their new Scotch Whiskey Collection consisting of premium varieties like the ever in trend Black And White,legendary VAT 69 and last but  certainly not the least Black Dog.


They played host to an extraordinary evening on the 30th June,at the Oberoi Grand devoted to the art of giving,adding bling and glitz to this glamorous affair were Chitrangda Singh,Shibani Dandekar and Nitesh Chhapru,Head of Marketing Premium Core Portfolio,USL.

scotch5 scotch1

Commenting on this Chitrangda Singh said,”It’s a great feeling when someone appreciates your gift. The appreciative expression makes every moment count while getting the ideal gift. My father is a perfectionist and a man of great character and strength. He enjoys his Scotch Whiskey and hence the perfect gift for him would be a bottle of Vat 69.”

Adding to this Shibani Dandekar commented,”I love buying gifts for people who I am close to as I know their likes and dislikes. When I am invited to a friend’s house,I always gift a bottle of Black and White as it’s one of their best scotch tasting whiskies today and tastes better when shared. If I know someone who has won an award or received a promotion,I tend to gift them a Black Dog,to celebrate their achievements.”


Nitesh Chhapru,said”The gift of marketing in India has become a billion dollar industry and is still evolving. People are now looking at more innovative options while purchasing their gifts. Keeping this in mind we have launced the Scotch Whiskey Collection:exception taste and flavour for every moment.”


The event was followed by a gala dinner with scrumptious delicacies and the finest scotch,over riveting conversations with fellow bloggers. Kolkata celebrities like Koneenica Banerjee and Mir were also spotted there.

Undoubtedly,I think gifting scotch is a great idea because  it instantly shows how much you put your thought into deciding what to gift.

The next time,it is  Father’s Day,a colleague’s birthday or Valentine’s Day. You will already know whats the Exceptional Gift that you want them to get their hands on.#LoveScotchAsAGift #DrinkResponsibly #CelebrateResponsibly


Outfit Details:

Dress- Latin Quarters

Neck piece – Forever New

Shoes- Westside.

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Stay Fresh With Neesh

Hello lovelies.

It’s summer time,staying fresh all day is a major point of concern with the humidity rising notches up with every single day. Neesh Perfumes, a coming of age brand with all natural ingredient,is going to be your new solution to smell good in this unbearable heat.

They sent me three of their pikpack floral fragrances,and I am already in absolute love with them and it’s definitely going to be a tough job to pick a favourite. I am also surprised as well as impressed by how different,the three of them are despite being floral.

image1 (6)

The first one is Belle D Oud which is a must on special occasion,being exremely exotic. Top Note- Honey and Amber                Heart Note- Indian Rose and Prune                                                                 Base Note- Musk


image2 (3)

image3 (2)

The second is Rose E Mohabbat,this is the perfect floral fragrance and the best companion for a day out in the sun. Top Note-Honey suckle and saffron.                                                                                                Heart Note- Rose and Lavender                                                                         Base Note-Amber

image1 (7)

The last but certainly not the least is Mohabeaut,which is for boys but I didn’t find it too strong..maybe because I am a sucker for rose fragrances. The aroma of it transported me into another world.            Top Note- French Rose from South of France                                              Heart Note- Saffron                                                                                              Base Note-Leather and Agarwood

These pikpacks are just the size of a credit card,thus one can carry it with themselves at all times. Be it your small purse or the back of your skinny jeans pocket. Over the past few weeks,these have become an essential for me.

image2 (4)

I find it’s lasting power to be one of the biggest pros,having used this right in the morning after getting ready,the fragrance remains just as strong after 5 to 6 hours.

You can buy these 20 ml Eu da Parfums at for Rs 340 Flipkart,Snapdeal and Amazon ❤

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How To Get Organized:Blogging Version


Today’s blog is going to all about my top 3 tips for blogging in collaboration with Creative Crazy based in Ahmedabadh,the brain child of Nupur Todi Pandya which is the one stop solution for all your organizational needs and creative gifts with their great range of folders,notebooks,memo blocks and last but not the least, special trunks available in three themes especially designed to cater school students. Having recieved their new planner for bloggers,formally called the’Blogger Plotter’ the other day. What would be better than a organizational post.



My thoughts on it:


The planner consists of 30 pages,which I think of to be a tad less for bloggers. The most interesting part is their layout,each page is divided into four sections as you can see above.


I find that little quote saying:

I don’t want other people to decide WHO I AM. I want to decide that for MYSELF.

amazingly motivational.



Blogging is like having another job,over my few years of blogging..I have come to the conclusion that better organization leads to better blogging. When you are sure about your allotment of time to writing posts,managing social media and responding emails..there would be no need for the last minute scramble and stress.


When you have planned ahead of time,you can create awesome content easily. An editorial calendar can prove to be of prime importance in this process,be it on the internet or the good old big ones from stationary shops. The best to plan by is the week by week concept. Gather some time on Sundays to think about the things you need to get done by the end of the upcoming week. If your blog is running through Blogger or WordPress,you have the extremely helpful option of scheduling your posts,you can write your posts the night before and maybe even a month before(which is what I hope to do when I have exams) and schedule them to be published on a particular day of your choice without having to be physically present to hit the button. We cannot miss out on the fact of scheduling social media posts as well,which has become crucial in the growth of most blogs as it drives more traffic. However,I cannot be online 24/7,can you be? I am pretty disappointed by the fact that Instagram still dosen’t support this




Always keep a small notepad with you,inspiration can strike you on the most random times. Never assume,that when you get that awesome idea,you can carry it safely with you through the course of a few days before you finally get to write about it…thus the best thing to do is, to jot it down and get it out of your head. If you have the Blogger Plotter,you seriously don’t need anything extra for increasing the weight of your already heavy bag.




It’s essential to set goals but realistic ones,you should know where you want your blog to head for. For example,I had aimed for a 1000 Instagram followers by the end of my summer vacation and having achieved that,(thanks to you all,I have a giveaway coming soon ❤ so stay tuned!),instead of rushing into another Instagram based goal,I am working towards getting a 100 WordPress followers.

At the end of  the day,the top priority of blogging remains to be enjoying every aspect of it.

Disclaimer- I would like to state that I am no expert and this post has been made with no bad intent but just because I want to share whatever I have learnt.

A big hug to the person who has finally reached the end of this post,thank you for putting through with me. For any query,shoot me an email at asmitatheposhedition@gmail.com 🙂 🙂