Sneha Rateria New Collection Launch

Hello everyone,a few days back I got to attend the Sneha Rateria Bloggers Meet and Greet at Aqua,The Park. All thanks to Nikita(pentwister) for inviting me.
Prettiest Ring
There she unveiled her new collection,and engaged in an interactive session  with all us bloggers,answering all the questions and possible queries we had for her and her brand.
It was lovely to know despite having no professional background of jewellery designing,Sneha has evoked a trend in costume jewellery which looks real,much needed for destination  weddings and avid travellers as travelling with real jewellery turns out to be a great hassle.
Sneha having a knack for finance,handles the financial technicalities while her mother is a vital helping hand to the designing aspect.
Trying out an earring
A bird cage brooch
Though the larger part of her customer base lies in the South of India comprising of Chennai,Bangalore and Pondicherry but she chooses to stick to where her karigars belong,here in Calcutta.
Sooner or later,Sneha plans to branch out to making all real jewellery.
It was difficult to anticipate what all they had in store for us bloggers in those two hours,they definitely surprised us with the DIY jewellery making  where we were presented with a kit containing a wax mold,and a tweezer.
There was an assortment of beautiful  beads and stones to choose from,all we had to do was place them on the mold and they would stick to it. Some of us made necklaces,pendants,a few decided on doing earrings,and I made a bracelet. They definitely turned out better than expected.
The best part was the one with the most unique design according to Sneha, would be added to their collection under their own name.
They all had the most adorable way to make us feel special,by offering us chocolate  cupcakes with our names on them ♡
It was amazing to meet Sneha,and to he able to have a look at the display of her exquisite pieces. Each one of them caught my eye,who wouldn’t be tempted to get their hands on them? Check them out on Facebook and Instagram- @Sneha Rateria
To see more on my blog,follow me. Contact me at for any collaboration query.

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