The Bohemian Souk

Hey guys!



The other day,I visited The Bohemian Souk by Midnight Prink,and I must say it was one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen. Unlike the usual monotonous environment associated with fashion exhibitions,where there is an adrenaline in the air and everyone’s rushing to grab products oblivious to their surroundings. At the Bohemian Souk,a well balanced shopping experience awaited you.



OOTD  at the event

There wasn’t one moment,I did not spend to awe at the splendid decor,giving out the bohemian vibes.Krishna Niwas was lit up with fairy lights,every nook and corner presented something new in terms of decoration,which was a treat for us bloggers who simply cannot miss out on a beautiful location.




 When you felt you need to charge up after an extensive round of shopping, there were plenty stalls to sip and bite at. The Wokaholic would be the perfect option,if noodles and momos are your thing. To shield yourself from the scorching sun,cocktail popsicles by the Tea Trove,juices and coolers by The Yellow Straw and ice cream rolls by Frollz were to the rescue.


In simple words,the Bohemian Souk was a shopper’s paradise,with top designers from Lakme Fashion Week joining the already star studded line up of brands,from throughout India.

Kudos to Preeti Vidyasaria and Shivika Vidyasaria for organising this great event.

Thank you guys for staying till the end of this post.


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