Being Bewakoof-Part I

Hello lovelies,today’s post is going to be in collaboration with There has been several online ventures coming up in the past year now but Bewakoof has proved itseld to be completely different by it’s collection of the quirkiest casual/comfy clothing starting from t-shirts,t-shirt dresses ,sweatshirts,crop topsand even pajamas for both men and women.

There’s been a slight chill in the air right from the start of November,it’s neither sweater weather nor the time you can flaunt crop tops.


The perfect look for me these days is a sleeveless  t-shirt (my favourites are from as their t-shirt collection is just to die for,just like the one I am wearing.) and shrug. If you are a college going student,it would be a great thing to have  collection of a few shrugs and just to drop one on yourself each morning during these fall days and save yourself the fuss.

The grocery store isn’t the only place,you will be seeing pineapples. Print trends are synonymous with every season but pineapples are a refreshing than ever take on it.


The pineapple is no longer only a delicious fruit but an important element in fashions too. The ubiquitous pinapple,the coolest fruit which literally says in the language of flowers ‘You are so perfect.’.


The zingy tropical fruit has been popping up everywhere from cushions to straws to phone cases to shorts,next month you may even want to decorate your Christmas Tree with a pinapple ornament.

You may have worn a shrug in the past but didn’t know that it is called this.


Shrug,in layman’s term is a short cropped version of an open fronted  jacket. The best thing about shrugs is,they can be paired,accessorised and styled with almost everything from a dress to skinny jeans. Shrugs come I’m a myriad of shaped,materials and design. From petal sleeves to full sleeves,from simple knit to a sequined one,there is no end to experimenting.


I love how shrugs can very helpful against cold weather but at the same does not ruin your outfit.

Outfit Details-
Tank Top-

This is the first part of my two post series collaboration,hope you liked it ♡

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