Stay Fresh With Neesh

Hello lovelies.

It’s summer time,staying fresh all day is a major point of concern with the humidity rising notches up with every single day. Neesh Perfumes, a coming of age brand with all natural ingredient,is going to be your new solution to smell good in this unbearable heat.

They sent me three of their pikpack floral fragrances,and I am already in absolute love with them and it’s definitely going to be a tough job to pick a favourite. I am also surprised as well as impressed by how different,the three of them are despite being floral.

image1 (6)

The first one is Belle D Oud which is a must on special occasion,being exremely exotic. Top Note- Honey and Amber                Heart Note- Indian Rose and Prune                                                                 Base Note- Musk


image2 (3)

image3 (2)

The second is Rose E Mohabbat,this is the perfect floral fragrance and the best companion for a day out in the sun. Top Note-Honey suckle and saffron.                                                                                                Heart Note- Rose and Lavender                                                                         Base Note-Amber

image1 (7)

The last but certainly not the least is Mohabeaut,which is for boys but I didn’t find it too strong..maybe because I am a sucker for rose fragrances. The aroma of it transported me into another world.            Top Note- French Rose from South of France                                              Heart Note- Saffron                                                                                              Base Note-Leather and Agarwood

These pikpacks are just the size of a credit card,thus one can carry it with themselves at all times. Be it your small purse or the back of your skinny jeans pocket. Over the past few weeks,these have become an essential for me.

image2 (4)

I find it’s lasting power to be one of the biggest pros,having used this right in the morning after getting ready,the fragrance remains just as strong after 5 to 6 hours.

You can buy these 20 ml Eu da Parfums at for Rs 340 Flipkart,Snapdeal and Amazon ❤

Hope you like this post,for any collaboration query or feedback,shoot me an email at 🙂




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