How To Get Organized:Blogging Version


Today’s blog is going to all about my top 3 tips for blogging in collaboration with Creative Crazy based in Ahmedabadh,the brain child of Nupur Todi Pandya which is the one stop solution for all your organizational needs and creative gifts with their great range of folders,notebooks,memo blocks and last but not the least, special trunks available in three themes especially designed to cater school students. Having recieved their new planner for bloggers,formally called the’Blogger Plotter’ the other day. What would be better than a organizational post.



My thoughts on it:


The planner consists of 30 pages,which I think of to be a tad less for bloggers. The most interesting part is their layout,each page is divided into four sections as you can see above.


I find that little quote saying:

I don’t want other people to decide WHO I AM. I want to decide that for MYSELF.

amazingly motivational.



Blogging is like having another job,over my few years of blogging..I have come to the conclusion that better organization leads to better blogging. When you are sure about your allotment of time to writing posts,managing social media and responding emails..there would be no need for the last minute scramble and stress.


When you have planned ahead of time,you can create awesome content easily. An editorial calendar can prove to be of prime importance in this process,be it on the internet or the good old big ones from stationary shops. The best to plan by is the week by week concept. Gather some time on Sundays to think about the things you need to get done by the end of the upcoming week. If your blog is running through Blogger or WordPress,you have the extremely helpful option of scheduling your posts,you can write your posts the night before and maybe even a month before(which is what I hope to do when I have exams) and schedule them to be published on a particular day of your choice without having to be physically present to hit the button. We cannot miss out on the fact of scheduling social media posts as well,which has become crucial in the growth of most blogs as it drives more traffic. However,I cannot be online 24/7,can you be? I am pretty disappointed by the fact that Instagram still dosen’t support this




Always keep a small notepad with you,inspiration can strike you on the most random times. Never assume,that when you get that awesome idea,you can carry it safely with you through the course of a few days before you finally get to write about it…thus the best thing to do is, to jot it down and get it out of your head. If you have the Blogger Plotter,you seriously don’t need anything extra for increasing the weight of your already heavy bag.




It’s essential to set goals but realistic ones,you should know where you want your blog to head for. For example,I had aimed for a 1000 Instagram followers by the end of my summer vacation and having achieved that,(thanks to you all,I have a giveaway coming soon ❤ so stay tuned!),instead of rushing into another Instagram based goal,I am working towards getting a 100 WordPress followers.

At the end of  the day,the top priority of blogging remains to be enjoying every aspect of it.

Disclaimer- I would like to state that I am no expert and this post has been made with no bad intent but just because I want to share whatever I have learnt.

A big hug to the person who has finally reached the end of this post,thank you for putting through with me. For any query,shoot me an email at 🙂 🙂




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