15 facts about me

Hello lovelies, today’s post is going to be a facts about me. I don’t entirely want this blog to consist of what I wear, the trends I like..the makeup products I can’t get enough of. I wish that my readers connect with me and know me on a personal level.


1.I am awkward and kind of shy when you first meet me but then as I open up. I can drive anyone totally crazy. Tbh, I am much more interesting on the internet.
2. I love history (yeah both the subject and the song by One Direction)
3. I am a sucker for anything sweet, it doesn’t matter if you offer me a rosogolla a special bengali sweet or macaroons.
4. I am highly allergic to dust because I have asthma.
5. My style always varies from girly to casual or spunky and edgy. I can never stick to a particular way of dressing up, as I end up finding it too boring.


6. I had my first blog at the age of 8. The content on it is soo embarrassing, believe me you don’t even wanna see it.
7. I used to hate posing and stuff, thus for my blog shoots getting clicked all the time is a new territory.
8. I have been reading books since forever starting with the Amelia Jane and Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton now having arrived at a  One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern. That addiction has never seemed to fade, I like to be termed as a bibliophile.
9. I am a cricket fanatic, I know cricket is something which does not go well with the rest of my interests. Don’t you all wory, I like watching cricket not actually playing it. Sports have no relations with me, neither long distance nor close.
10. On a usual day, one would find my hair tied up in a bun or braid. I rarely choose to flaunt it if not an occasion or blog shoots.
11. I admire people who can make me laugh.
12. I can never get enough of writing, I aspire to be a writer. I believe blogging will help me sharpen my writing skills.
13. I am a shopaholic but when at the mall..my fave thing to do is give a lecture to myself on how I should buy the thing I really need but I succeeed about 60 percent of the times.


14. I get bored really easy.
15. I have never travelled outside India.

Thank you for your time to read this piece of ramblings.  Thank you for 500 followers on my Instagram.


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